Dick Passmore for Mayor

Working together for a better future

International experience, local action.

Haldimand county needs the opportunity to grow in a planned, controlled way.  I am bringing years of experience from across Canada and the USA to help inform local decisions.

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Dick Passmore with arms crossed and tattoos showing
My family seated around the dining room table eating supper.

Who is Dick Passmore?

I’m a lifelong resident of Haldimand County, and currently live in Dunnville.  I am married to the amazing Lisa Passmore, and have five incredible kids: Gabe, Julian, Bailey, Haley, and Levi.

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I need your support!

A political campaign requires hard work, committed volunteers, and a financial investment.  I am asking you for your support to help cover the costs of running for mayor.

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Dick Passmore in a blue shirt and a blue tie

Dick Passmore on Social Media

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